Cbdtripple Team

Joanna Brewster
Joanna Brewster is a curator of a well known online science magazine. She has an extensive experience in cannabinoid circuitry. She is also a fitness freelance writer.
John Jacobs
John Jacobs works as a news editor with our firm. He has researched on Vape and has its keen knowledge. He is well known for his CBD blogs.
Katherine Stacy
Katherine Stacy is a neuroscientist and conducts researches on cannabis. She specializes in cannabinoid circuitry. She conducts seminars and educates people about usage of cannabis.
Mary Bliss
Mary Bliss is a chief science writer at cbdtripple.com. She has great knowledge of CBD and writes CBD blogs in her free time. She writes latest CBD news-stories for cbdtripple.com.
Suzan True
Suzan True is a physician and a researcher. She has great knowledge of cannabis and hemp. She is a news writer of our firm since 5 years. She weekly publishes articles on medicines in a reputed science magazine.

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